E-Mountain Biking

Rise in usage

a fat tread electric mountain bike

Not too long ago electric bikes were seen as a novelty, these days we can see them more ort less everyday on the streets. They are an alternative to the classic bikes, are non-pollutant, relatively fast, and they can take you to your destination in an elegant and eco-friendly way. The most used electric bikes are road bikes, but recently fat tread electric mountain bikes have been gaining in popularity. The choices on what you choose to ride have become more varied.

Technical advances

The range in mountain bikes are a huge step forward for the E-bikes industry. The technology is very advanced, and a lot of new features and improvements have been added to the new products. One of them is the battery life, which could last you on average, around 100 miles/ 150 km. Even though it is not a road bike, an E-mountain bike is more than comfortable even for the long trips, and despite it’s name, it can be used in the city on a daily basis with no problems. Their suspension is very sensitive and you won’t even feel a bumpy road. Another improvement of the E-mountain bikes consists in their weight. Older electric bikes were very heavy and cumbersome, this is why most consumers have avoided purchasing them, not much fun if you live on the third floor… lugging a 50 kg/ 110 pounds bike up and down flights of stairs is not really an option. Instead, the E-mountain bikes frames are built from light materials like aluminium, so a premium quality bike with a more than decent motor can weight up to 20 kg/ 44 pounds.

Buying  an electric mountain bike

So, of course, you won’t buy an E-mountain bike just for a walk in the park, you will want to compete against other bikes. The most common race has been between an E-MTB and a regular mountain bike. The question is who would win? Well, in a short race most of us would be tempted to say that the manual mountain bike would win, because it’s lighter and the rider could just pedal faster if he sees that he’s losing ground. The modern E-mountain bikes are extremely light and their speed could reach up to 30 mph/ 45 kph, so unless you’ve challenged a professional cyclist, you should probably win. An endurance race will be much easier for the E-mountain bike rider, as the bike can go without stop for 100 miles/150 kilometers. And there aren’t many people that could do that with a manual mountain bike. So if you’re passionate about going out in nature, also need a comfortable and reliable vehicle for your daily trips, a vehicle that is easy to manipulate, fast and eco-friendly, then you should buy an electric mountain bike as is the best choice you can make.