AKEZ Electric Bike Review

This is a detailed AKEZ Electric Bike review that explores this well-crafted electric bike. It has a diamond gray aluminum alloy frame and 48V/10Ah Lithium-Ion battery.

I’m bringing you this AKEZ Electric Bike review because of the sheer volume of questions that I’ve received about this electric bike. Whether you’re looking for an electric bike to tackle the hills, have your kids on a safe bicycle, or just want something to ride around the neighborhood, this is an affordable option worth considering. This bike is street legal because it has only 250w and a 10ah battery. At 54 pounds the AKEZ Electric Bike is too heavy to work as a daily commuter bike.

AKEZ Electric Bike Review
AKEZ Electric Bike Review

If you’re interested in electric bikes, you’ve probably already heard of the AKEZ brand. AKEZ makes a range of kids, adult and cargo-carrying e-bikes and they have a history of excellent customer service. The particular model I’m reviewing here is the AKEZ Electric Bike (Model: MK6O1-A2020) which comes with an aluminum alloy frame, offers adjustable height and seat, and has a removable 48V / 10Ah battery that can be charged at home or quickly swapped for a spare in case you run out of juice.

The AKEZ Electric Bike is a great option for adults who are looking to create eco friendly transportation while maintaining a moderate level of exercise.

AKEZ Electric Bike
AKEZ Electric Bike

The AKEZ Electric Bike is indeed a quality and feature-packed bike. It’s above average in every category which makes it a great bike for both men, women and even teens. As a whole however, the bike feels a little on the heavy side, so people who are not used to biking or have issues with their joints may have some difficulty using this product. But even then, the AKEZ electric mountain bike is still a solid product you should consider buying.

The AKEZ Electric Bike is a wheeled version of the original model, and is designed for easy transport. It allows riders to enjoy the outdoors without having to pedal, reducing the potential for injury and discomfort while making traveling easier.

AKEZ Electric Bike Review UK
AKEZ Electric Bike Review UK

This electric bike conversion kit is ideal for bike enthusiasts to convert their bikes into electrical ones. It’s perfect for riding on the street with its 500W capacity and large clearance for comfortable operation. Its remote control is easy to use, boasts good anti-interference capabilities, and benefits from larger battery capacity that extends range.

AKEZ Electric Bike Specifications Summary:

Note: This is a short summary of the AKEZ Electric bike specifications. If you’re trying to decide on which electric bike to buy, you should read this detailed review first. The following is a one-of-a-kind talk about the bike. Most of us love a leisure afternoon with our friends chatting and enjoying the scenery by biking in the forest or mountain area. In order to avoid the traffic jam and air pollution problem, we usually choose to go out for sport at weekend.

AKEZ Electric Bike Review - BATTERY
AKEZ Electric Bike Review – BATTERY

In terms of mountain bikes, AKEZ MTB electric mountain bike has been a good choice. It’s power-driven by 48V10AH lithium battery which can enable it to climb 30°grade hill, speed up to 25km/h and last 14~28km at a full charged battery range.   What’s more, it features highly waterproof design with IP54 standard. You can fully enjoy riding in rain or muddy conditions with no worries. Besides, it’s equipped with 5 speed smart button motor controller so that you can continuously adjust your speed under different road conditions for greater control. I’d like to delve into these details with you in more detail below:  

AKEZ E-Bike Specifications Summary:

  1. Smart Mountain Bike
  2. Strong power ebike
  3. Large capacity battery 10000mah External Battery Pack
  4. Get unmatched speed and power
  5. Up to 30 degree climbing angle
  6. Excellent capacity display on computer
  7. Battery status and speed display
  8. Come with a storage bag
  9. Batteries are removable
  10. Smart lithium battery charger
  11. 5-6 hour fast charge
AKEZ Electric Bike Review - GEARS
AKEZ Electric Bike Review – GEARS

AKEZ Electric Bike Pro’s & Con’s


AKEZ Electric Bike has strong power and large capacity removable battery. It is Up to 60km distance in one charge. Large LCD display, ergonomic handbar and adjustable seat design, it is more suitable for young men and women college students transport. The battery can be charged on the bike or separately. Most of all, you can enjoy environmentally friendly riding method with electric bicycles.

AKEZ Electric Bike UK
AKEZ Electric Bike UK

AKEZ Electric Bike Pro’s

  1. Akez Electric Bike has strong power and gradeability, which can reach 30° in common road condition.
  2. IP54 waterproof design, without worrying about the impact of sudden rain on the bicycle.
  3. Equipped with LED headlights, horn and big front storage box are perfect for riding in night or darkness.
  4. Equipped with LED tail lights, to ensure safety while running in the dark.
AKEZ Electric Bike Review - Seat
AKEZ Electric Bike Review – Seat


It should be pointed out that the Akez electric bike does have a few weaknesses. They are the horn, seat, and tires for bikes. There is a kind of horn that has a softer ring tone to it, so people shouldn’t be alarmed by it. The tires are less than half an inch thick, which means they might not last long. The seat should also be improved because it can’t be adjusted up or down, which limits the rider’s comfort. Those weaknesses aside, however, not one of them takes away from all the positives offered by this bike.

  1. The tires don’t seem like they’ll hold up for that long but I have been told by others that this is an easy fix with some Kevlar belt
  2. Battery is not integrated in the bike frame, hauling a dead battery back to your apartment is more cumbersome than with other high quality ebikes.
  3. Harness feels less comfy than it looks.
  4. Speed is lower than expected.

Review Summary:

The AKEZ Electric Mountain Bike is a great bike with a wonderful ride, strong acceleration and strong braking. It’s ideal to serve as a gift to students or as an adult first-time experience.

AKEZ Electric Bike Review - Battery view
AKEZ Electric Bike Review – Battery view

For the size of the bike, it is equipped with a rear wheel 26 inch, front wheel 20 inch wheel as well as 6-speed shocking MTB. A 68V/12Ah lithium polymer battery stores power from the 5kW high speed electric motor and provides enough power to make sure that you have fun on the ride. The larger capacity battery can store more than enough power for a long time job, perfect for commuting. Also there is a large range of charging options so you can charge your bike overnight or at work, perfect for busy commuters.

Lights, Gears & Pedals
Lights, Gears & Pedals

When all is said and done, I think the AKEZ electric bicycle makes for a great purchase. It’s easy to use and reliable, allowing you to commute or even include it in your daily workout routine. Its price is also quite reasonable, given how well-made it is. With a wide range of models to choose from, there’s truly an option available for everyone. If you are on the market for a new electric bike, you should definitely consider this one. You will not be disappointed!

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