Cheap Kids Bikes

If you are looking for cheap kids bikes in the UK then you have come to the right place. We have a large range of quality kids bikes from today’s top brands. So whether your child is just learning to ride or is already biking solo, there is a bike for them here on our website.

Looking for cheap kids bikes? We have a huge range of kids bikes at great prices. With safety features for confident cycling and brakes that don’t need constant adjustment, you can keep your child safe as they learn to cycle.

Mongoose Ritual

Mongoose Ritual BMX Review

Mongoose is one of the most popular BMX brands on the market, and the Ritual 500 BMX is one of their most popular models. The Ritual 500 has 20-inch wheels, caliper brakes, and a hi-ten steel fork and frame construction with BMX freestyle inspired geometry. It’s a great bike for beginner to intermediate BMX riders … Read more

Unicorn bikes UK

Unicorn Bikes UK

Our range of Unicorn Bikes have a Unicorn design for young children. For young girls the bikes have pink frames and accessories. We stock many different types of girls bike with a Unicorn on it including: Diamond Back, Mongoose, Redline, Pacific 24″ Girls Bike with training wheels, Huffy 20 inch Girls Bike with training wheels … Read more

Schwinn Mythic 18″ & 20″ Girls Bike

The Schwinn Mythic 18″ Wheel Smartstart is a girls’ bike that’s designed to help kids learn to ride. Designed with Cresent™ and lightweight, high tensile steel tubing, it features a low stand-over height for easy on and off. It includes lightweight, comfort-grip ergonomic hand levers, a chainguard to protect clothing and has the security of … Read more

Lava Sport Balance Bikes

Lava Sport Balance Bike

How to get started: Start with the Lava Sport balance bike, the most popular sport balance bike for men and women.  We have researched a variety of sources from our own experience to develop the top wheels. We consulted online product research and review magazines to get as much unbiased information as possible The Lava … Read more


Creme Mia Balance Bike

The Creme Mia Balance bike is a great 12″ balance bike coming in a number of colours, including pale peach. Frame: Steel – High Tension Steel Fork: Steel, 1″ Hight Tension Steel Stem: Polished Aluminium Handlebar: , 400mm wide , 25.4mm barbore Grips: Velo kraton Headset: NECO, threaded, 1” Rims: Alloy Rims Hubs: Steel, Loose Ball, 16H, 16H, Spokes: Stainless Steel Spokes Tyres: Kenda Tires, … Read more

Cheapest Kids Bikes

We have found cheap kids bikes online, for the bargain price of between £10 to £120. We are a little bit like the Argos Catalogue for Kids Bikes but we bring you the deals from sellers all over the UK. And it’s free to use!

We have searched the Internet to find the best deals on children’s bikes, find the cheapest kids bike deals. We have found some fantastic offers that we want to share with you. We have put them into categories to make it easy to find what you are looking for. If you cant find what your looking for or want more information check out our blog!

For example, Trek manufactures a range of children’s bikes, from special bikes to wheels for junior racers. Value-oriented bikes for decathletes are already available from PS35. The age range is approximate, but the best way to make sure the bike fits properly is to check the children’s leg measurements according to the manufacturer’s sizing instructions. 

I get it, if you want to buy your child or grandchild a bike, you probably want to do it without spending a ton of money. Buying a Walmart children’s bike is not the way to go. Walmart children’s bikes or Walmart bicycles are junk. They are too heavy, poorly designed and fall apart. 

It is worth noting that many cheap children’s bike brands now have road and mountain bikes with wheels up to 650b or more wheel sizes. s bikes are more like hybrids, which give the child the opportunity to experience all kinds of riding. It is important that children on two wheels at this age have a lot to discover and adventure on the bike.

The other thing you’ll discover about cheaper children’s bikes is that they often have backpedal brakes instead of handbrakes. We do not like this for three reasons: they are too heavy, make pedalling frustrating and the lack of a handbrake prevents children from learning good braking skills at a young age. s bicycle should be equipped with coaster brakes. 

Types of Cheap Children’s Bikes

Children’s bikes have to fit, and you don’t want them to dust off. Junior road and cyclocross races are obviously big news at the moment, and having the right bike for the job can help inspire your children. 

Advice on getting a Cheap Kids Bike from our experts

We consulted four bike sellers, a former professional cyclist, a physiologist, an owner and experts as well as three approved test and evaluation sites for children’s bikes to help you find them. First you should think about what kind of riding your child will do. wheels, pedals, convertibles, etc. 

To be clear, when I tell you not to buy a child’s bike from Walmart, that doesn’t mean I’m a snob. I think you should buy it because Walmart is a waste of your money. You and I both need to figure out how to pay the electricity bill, the doctor’s bill and the grocery bill. 

For example, if your child is that age, you want to aim for the lightest bike you can afford. This is because you want to resist the temptation to buy a bigger bike in the hope that your child will grow into it. s bikes can be so much, and a little extra knowledge about how to choose them can make all the difference in a children’s riding experience. 

The reality is that bikes that weigh more than 50% of a child’s weight have a higher balance centre of gravity and are harder to ride. Not surprisingly, most used bikes are less than high-end bikes, especially when they use training bikes. When a child who has mastered an inexpensive bike with training bikes is given the opportunity to ride a higher quality bike, the sheer dizziness of his experience and ability to ride long distances without fatigue is priceless. Consider that toy manufacturers, not bicycle manufacturers, make bicycles, and their focus seems to be on price and performance rather than 40-pedal bicycles. 

Many children truancy tricycles and start with so-called balance bikes, which look like normal bikes but have pedals. With wheels in Fred Flintstone style, they can push off with their feet, pick up their feet and glide. The concept of pedalling doesn’t go down well with young children. 

It is tempting to add a stabilizer to a children’s bike. There are advantages and disadvantages of children’s bikes, and stabilizers allow children to experience the joy of cycling, but a pair is not always allowed. 

Our guide at the bottom of this page is a great starting point. Deciding which bike to buy for your child is an important decision. Three-wheeled constructions do not require a toddler to balance on them. If the child pedals on such an infant bicycle, he can use his feet as a brake. The wheels are removed as soon as the child has developed the skills and self-confidence to ride without them. 

Things are starting to look up, but there are still many myths that prevent parents from jumping on the big van and immersing themselves in the world of special children’s bikes. Here are the five most important myths parents need to tackle before buying a child’s bike.