Creme Mia Balance Bike

The Creme Mia Balance bike is a great 12″ balance bike coming in a number of colours, including pale peach.

  • Frame: Steel – High Tension Steel
  • Fork: Steel, 1″ Hight Tension Steel
  • Stem: Polished Aluminium
  • Handlebar: , 400mm wide , 25.4mm barbore
  • Grips: Velo kraton
  • Headset: NECO, threaded, 1”
  • Rims: Alloy Rims
  • Hubs: Steel, Loose Ball, 16H, 16H,
  • Spokes: Stainless Steel Spokes
  • Tyres: Kenda Tires, 12.5×1.75″
  • Saddle: Faux Leather
  • Seatpost: Alloy, 25.4mm
  • Basket Included
  • Weight: 4.6kg
Creme Mia Balance Bike for Sale UK

My child got a pedal at the age of one – less bike – and started to explore the world of bicycles and training bikes as soon as he had the opportunity to sit comfortably in the saddle without touching the ground. When using a stroller, the only limitation is when the seam length is and not the age. 

If the balance bike is too big for your child, you should consider the pre-balance bikes, which you can use to train and learn to ride well. Then he can keep his balance and then switch to his bike – preferably with support wheels. The wheels also offer the possibility to limit the angle of impact of the handlebars, so that the child cannot make hasty movements and thus lose his balance. 

Creme Mia Balance Bike Best Price UK

The advantages of an online balance bike are not only easy on your wallet, but also allow you to choose in peace and offer you the choice of the perfect balance bike for your child. Swiss original is offered by the company LikeaBike, with the most beautiful design. The wheels are made with great attention to detail and the Scratch wheel, which also offers the wheels for the little ones, was designed by her. 


The balance bike is excellent to train your senses in balance and coordination in all senses. The children balance bike is Wishbone-designed, has the same design as the other balance bikes on the market, but a little more weight. 

When you want to buy a balance bike, you should consider a few points so that your child can travel safely. It also has the ability to introduce your children to cycling without overexertion.

There are a number of different versions, which make a balance bike for children, but the most varied is the Creme MIA balance bike, which is the “most varied” of all variants. 

This bike is suitable for children aged 4-5 years and children quickly develop a feeling for its balance. The first attempt will be on a bicycle without any problems and this gives the child great pleasure. 

Creme Mia Balance Bike UK

We will talk about why this balance bike is suitable for children who want to learn to ride for the first time and also for those who cannot. 


The wheels are the perfect way to give your child the pleasure of his first ride and give him a boost of confidence with the best bikes on the market. 

The products range from aluminium impellers to steel impellers, from steel impellers to stainless steel bicycles. s bikes, the cheaper balance bikes are the perfect way to promote balance and dexterity in your child. 

To make cycling with your child fun, we offer a wide range of products in this category. Here, the aluminium balance bike Easy Rider is a sought-after balance bike, which is equipped with all components and wheels for adults. The Puky wheel with its aluminium wheels performed particularly well in our tests and is also equipped with a rear brake. 

This gives your child extra safety, as it can brake quickly in the event of an accident, even in the event of a collision with other children or other vehicles. 

The wheels have a deep inlet so that your child can get up and down safely, and the child has a safe feeling when riding his balance bike. Your child is growing very fast, so you should make sure that the height adjustable for it is as high as possible and as low as necessary.

pale peach

With the bikes, your child can learn to ride a bike in a comfortable way and maintain balance and coordination. The balance bike of your child is optimal to prepare it for the use of this bike. If you notice that he puts his legs up more and more often while riding, you know it’s time for you to switch to a real bike! When the saddle is changed, the geometry of the vehicle deteriorates and the saddle changes. 

If your beginner child is ready to switch from a 12-inch wheel to a larger one, the pacemaker deserves serious consideration. It is suitable for all ages and is manufactured with 14 inch wheels that can be converted into wheels or long – compromised – pedals. 

Your child wants a long walk, which makes the balance bike much more fun, and since it is built with crappy instructions that cannot be translated into Chinese, you will immediately appreciate that the bike is ready for use. 

Like the mountain bike, Kokua is made of light birch wood and has red and blue saddles, but unlike the mountain bike, it has a red / blue saddle. The lightweight aluminium wheels will be added to a range of sizes later, equipped with very good suspension, so that the little ones can ride even in hilly terrain. 

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