ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike Review

Here’s my review of the Eskute Voyager 27.5” E-Mountain Bicycle (Black & Blue). This fully electric bike features a 250W motor and can reach speeds of up to 20km/h. It comes with seven Shimano gears as well as disc brakes, disk brake and a suspension fork.

The ESKUTE Voyager electric mountain bike, for example, offers various features that are all aimed at the efficient rider. This includes a 250W motor powered by lithium-ion battery which delivers 36V of power. It is this system that is aided by a Shimano 7-speed transmission and double disc brakes for great overall performance. The choice matters!

ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike
ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike

ESKUTE is set to launch a new model their Voyager electric mountain bikes. Claiming a new level of performance for its products, the company believes this can be attributed to the use of superior materials used in the construction of the bike and because it is assembled by hand by experienced builders who really understand what goes into building a quality bike.

ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike Review
ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike Review

Electric mountain bikes have always held a certain appeal: they can help you conquer the steep hills with ease, making off-roading a breeze. However, it’s the powerful motor that makes the difference here. The ESKUTE Voyager boasts a 250W motor, which outputs 12.5A and 250Nm of torque.

ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike Review UK
ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike Review UK

The Eskute Voyage is our most affordable fully electric mountain bike. It features a powerful rear hub motor that offers enough torque to climb almost any terrain. The Bafang-750 watt hub motor even surpasses the performance of leading ordinary mountain bikes. The large 48 volts / 13 ah lithium ion battery lets you ride up to 80 km per charge – more than double the range of many other e-bikes in this price range. If you keep pedaling after reaching your destination, the bike will gradually reduce its power output and eventually stop. Yes, that’s a safety feature, similar to what an ordinary bicycle does when equipped with a throttle. This way you’ll avoid riding off with the motor still in action.

ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike UK
ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain Bike UK

Eskute Voyage Electric Mountain Bike Specifications

Age: Adult
Wheel size: 700C
Bike type: Electric Mountain Bike

Motor: BAFANG 250W brushless gear motor.
Color: Voyager 700C
Size: Voyager 700C
Frame material: Aluminum

Manufacturer reference ‎MYT-27.5
Product Dimensions: 90 x 22 x 117 cm, 27.5 kilos; Shipping Weight: 35.3 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Eskute Voyage Electric Mountain Bike Features

Do you want to go on a journey? Then the ESKUTE Voyager Electric Mountain bike is for you. It is a Trekking electric mountain bike. The design includes:
- 	‎ 26” wheels
- 	‎ Tires with front suspension and a large mud tube
- 	‎ Aluminium frame with diamond back triangle design
- 	‎ Dual disc brakes for extra safety and control whilst riding in wet conditions.

Pros and Cons of the Eskute Voyage Electric Mountain Bike

Pro’s of the Eskute Voyage Electric Mountain Bike:

A solid off-roader that’s nimble and versatile
Easy to live with on a daily basis
Brilliant value – and Bafang motor is surprisingly punchy
Heavy and unrefined (that motor)
Spec isn’t very exciting – back-up impeller brake would be nice to keep the wheels in check when descending

Review Overview:

The Voyager delivers some great features at a great price, but it does compromise in some areas. Giving up the ability to pedal can be a sacrifice for some riders, and the motor’s power delivery is jerky due to the large amount of torque that it produces. Overall, this electric bike is a solid value and only misses our top rating by the smallest margin.
Moreover, the Voyager makes use of a few different battery options that provide an incredible range of 40-60 miles per battery.

The Eskute Voyager is an electric mountain bike that belongs to the mid-range price segment. It’s capable of handling most trail surfaces and the change of terrain, thanks to its wide tires and sturdy frame.

Well-priced, Reliable and very powerful

The Bottom line  When it comes to picking the best electric mountain bike, there are a lot of things to consider. From stability to power and price. There is no one size fits all, but for anyone in the market for an electric mountain bike at this time of our review, we would have to recommend the Vary Voyager as many trails. It’s a great all-round performer, that delivers on its promises.

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