G2 Electric Mountain Bike Review

GTwo Electric Bike Review

Are exercise and outdoor fun things you enjoy? The G2 electric mountain bike is a great combination of two, offering high quality features that bring your favorite sports closer to you.

I want to tell you about my experience with the G2 electric mountain bike 27.5 inch. It’s a very solid and well-made bike, and it is well worth the price if you are planning on using it every day. No problems with the bike as far as I can tell, but you should remember that every bike will have a few minor issues. 

The G2 mountain bike has a sleek design, working modes switch from pedal assist to full electric and back, which makes the ride almost effortless. This is not just any bike, it’s a true electric bike. I know from experience that riding an electric bike makes the whole experience better.

GTWO Electric Mountain Bike Review
GTWO Electric Mountain Bike Review

Pro’s and Cons for the GTWO Electric Mountain Bike:

Purchasing a G2 mountain bike offers you many benefits, here are the top three.

  1. The Electric System
    Engineers designed and developed the electric system, which can help you with more power in climbing the hills, and more power in pedaling, giving you reassurance of safety from sudden stops and accidents on the road.
  2. Adjustable Seat
    Specially designed for men and women riders, the seat is adjustable to ensure your best riding experience. Suspension fork with steel
  3. Tough Hard Wearing Bike Genuine hard wearing off road MTB.
GTWO Electric Mountain Bike
GTWO Electric Mountain Bike


  1. Supports portable battery charging, if you need to ride far away and no enough electricity, you can use the portable battery pack to charge or power up the electric bicycle and enjoy your trip, even when there is nowhere to charge.
  2. Powerful and strong: The bike has a strong drive that allows you to climb any steep mountain or flight of stairs with ease. You can reach your favorite destinations without worrying about traffic jam and pollution.
  3. Three working modes keep your


  • Heavy: The weight of the electric mountain bike is about 49 pounds, a little too much for some people.
  • Hard to Fix: The electric system is with stable high speed brushless motor and removable lithium battery which has a long endurance mileage. You can charge the battery directly on the bike, or take it out to charge. But some users still face the issues that they cannot fix the bike by themselves, especially for women who have not so strong strength and not enough experience about such
GTWO Electric Mountain Bike UK


Bike typeElectric Mountain Bike
Age range (description)16 – Adult
Wheel size27.5 Inches
Suspension typeFront
Special featureDigital Display, Odometer
Extra Specifications
GT2 Electric Mountain Bike
Age range‎Adult & Late Teen
Bike type‎Electric Mountain Bike
Brake type‎Duel Disc Brake
Colour‎Black & Yellow
Style‎Mountain Bike
Frame material‎Aluminum
Handle type‎Flat Bar – MTB Style
Material type‎Aluminum Alloy
Number of items‎1
Number of speeds‎27
Features‎Digital Display, Odometer
Suspension‎Front Hard Tail
Wheel size‎27.5 Inches
Batteries included?‎Yes
Item Weight‎18.5 Kilograms

G2 Electric Mountain Bike Features:

  • Removable lifepo4 battery
  • 27 Speed transmission for up to 12 miles per hour of smooth riding speed
  • Shocks in the tires for better handling curves or bumps
  • Self charging lithium battery
  • G1 is great for off road hiking and cycling
  • It’s durable and comfortable to ride
  • The gear shifters are smooth, reliable and very easy to use in any situation.
  • Details of the product:
  • 8 levels of pedal assist to choose
  • 27 speed Shimano gears
  • Adjustable saddle height
  • Comes with removable lithium battery and charger (300Wh) Details of the manufacturer: G2 Bikes is a professional electric bicycle manufacturer in China. Their goal is to provide superior quality.
GT2 Electric Mountain Bike  Front Suspension

Review Summary

Now you know why you need the G2 electric mountain bike. You have the knowledge but choosing the right one for your needs might be a little difficult to decide. With the above listed features and some other essential information, you can make an informed decision and that is why I wrote this article.

I have reviewed a LOT of electric bikes over the past few years, but the G2 is simply one that stands out. I believe it stands out for several reasons, but ultimately because it is so cheap (for an electric bike), very well built and also because it comes with a respectable lithium battery.

GT2 Electric Mountain Bike Review
GT2 Electric Mountain Bike Review

Fuel your dreams with the G2 Electric Mountain Bike 27.5″. This bike is equipped with a professional brushless motor which will help you to climb more mountains and go further than ever before. This bike will give you a whole new riding experience because of its unique design. You can ride the bike with three speed modes: full electric, pedal assist and manual pedal. What I appreciate in this electric mountain bike is its battery indicator, which notifies you when it’s time to recharge the battery or change the battery. The multifunction LCD display helps you to have full control over your riding data. You need to get this high quality and stylish electric mountain bike while it still lasts. 

GT2 Electric Mountain Bike Gears

The G2 mountain bike is a stunning product which provides great value for money and is competitively priced. It’s Solid, Durable and Rugged make it a superb off-road model.

The G2 electric mountain bike is an impressive bike that comes with a variety of features for riders of all skill levels. From the e-bike’s three working modes to its digital display and silent operation, the G2 has several benefits that make riding it easier, more pleasant, and less strenuous on riders. Note that this review may be somewhat biased, given that a company representative developed it.

GT2 Electric Mountain Bike  Size

Overall, the G2 electric bike is an excellent choice for those looking to venture into the world of cycling. The power output and other statistics are impressive enough on their own, but it’s the adjustable settings that really make this bike shine. With a choice between three different power outputs and three different riding modes, riders can customize their experience to match their riding level or intended use. The G2 also comes with a host of safety features to ensure the rider’s safety, including: a throttle cut-off sensor, anti-slip pedals, a triple chain system, multiple charging ports built in, and automatic reduction in top speed if both hands aren’t on the handlebars (as well as resetting if a hand or foot returns). This combination of features should make all riders feel secure enough to ride at their own pace instead of being worried as soon as they start pedaling.

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