Licorne Guide Mountain Bike Review

The Lincorne Guide mountain bike for children at 20, 24 or 26 inch comes with a high quality front suspension fork which absorbs bumps to make it easier to ride. The gears are Shimano 21 speed so the child has correct gears to suit the activity. The brakes are side pull so are simple to use for younger riders. The mudguards clean the rider while they are riding while also keeping them dry. The saddle is adjustable while the handlebars are also adjustable to suit the child as they grow. There is a frame bag which can be used for things like their phone, keys, money etc while out on the trails.

This article is on my new Lincorne Guide mountain bike for kids. I have the 20 inch model but it is available in 20, 24 and 26 inch sizes. The 20 inch size should be ok for 5-7 year olds, but 8-10 year old children would do better with the next size up, the 24 inch version.

Review Details:

The Lincorne Guide mountain bike is a great buy as it is a good quality bike well suited to children from 5 years upwards, from about 3 feet or 100cm in height.

Now, this is a good children’s bike in the UK. I have been doing a little research into finding a good bike for our son and all his friends when they come to stay. I was looking at bikes that were around £100-£200 and when I came across this one from Lincorne. It performs well when it comes to the speed, braking, suspension and tyres. The wheels are big to ensure you can easily ride on different terrains without getting damaged. There are Shimano 21 speed gears which means you can go faster over difficult terrain. Pedals that hang downwards mean that there is less chance of you getting injured (when your feet hit the ground). My kid loves this bike!

When my son wanted to go cycling I had no idea where to start. He was keen but very small so I needed something ideal for his size and ability. After researching different bikes I chose this one because it seemed like an excellent beginners’ bike that included some great safety features. It has brakes specially designed to fit smaller fingers, the gears adjust to their size and it came with a seatpost that could be adjusted to suit them too.

I thought I would try a Lincorne Guide mountain bike as a present for my 7 year old son as it seemed to have everything he needed. I also wanted to ensure that it would grow with him as he developed as a rider. It has gears including an easy gear so your child doesn’t have to be strong at the beginning which makes it ideal for those just starting out.

The bike comes with a warranty of three years, which shows the confidence the brand has in it. Due to this some local bike shops may offer maintenance plans which is something you may need to take into account when making your purchase so you get guidance on how to look after the bike.

I’ve taken my kids out on this bike several times now, and they love it. I personally prefer bikes with hand brakes myself but my wife likes them with coaster brakes (hand brakes don’t get caught in the spokes), so she takes the kids out on this bike while I use one with hand brakes. We haven’t had any problem with the coaster brake because it is easy to pedal – you can use both feet to engage it, unlike some I’ve seen where there’s only one pedal that you need to step on to activate the brake. There are no foot pegs either which makes getting kids comfortable on a bike much easier, especially when starting out.

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