MAGMOVE Electric City Bike Review

The MAGMOVE electric bike is equipped with a 250W motor, which has high power and low noise. The mid-drive motor has excellent performance and can perfectly meet various daily commuting needs. In addition, the electric bicycle has a built-in 36V/13Ah replaceable lithium-ion battery, which can travel 40-60 kilometers on a single charge, and the maximum speed can reach 25 kilometers per hour, allowing you to enjoy the riding pleasure.

I’ll be honest with you, I was a little dubious of the MAGMOVE electric bike when it arrived at our office. The flat box it arrived in didn’t exactly fill me with confidence, and I thought its odd looking design would let it down. It’s been a few months now since I was first able to test out the MAGMOVE, and boy has my opinion changed!

MAGMOVE Electric City Bike Disc Brake
MAGMOVE Electric City Bike Disc Brake

A Chinese company, MAGMOVE is famous for its quality and experience on battery powered bikes. It offers different products to choose from depending on your needs and budgets. Their newest product is an electric bike which they market as a travel companion especially in the metropolitan areas.

Commuting on the MAGMOVE Urban SA Electric Bike:

The MAGMOVE electric bike is equipped with a 250W motor, which has high power and low noise. The mid-drive motor has excellent performance and can perfectly meet various daily commuting needs, such as commuting, shopping, and fitness.

Magmove Electric Bike
Magmove Electric Bike Mens

A little over a year ago, I set out to find an electric bike (eBike) that I could use for my daily commute. Back then, I had no idea how difficult it would be to get just a single bike. (“Just one?!” you might be thinking. “What’s so hard about that?”) It seemed like every eBike I could find had some sort of flaw — the brakes were terrible, the motor was underpowered, the mount for my phone was flimsy — you name it, I found it. So as I started digging deeper into everything from home-built options to what the big names had to offer, I began to realize just how much room there is for innovation in this industry.

We have used the MAGMOVE for our daily commute with its 60km range this bike has powered through every commute. Smooth and easy to handle this eBike is one of the best with have reviewed for this site so far.

Cruise the city in eco-friendly fashion and travel around town on a MAGMOVE pedal assisting eBike. Pedaling is optional, you can ride it like a normal bicycle or choose to engage the motor to make the going easier. It makes riding through hilly terrain less of a strain and you’ll arrive at your destination fresh and invigorated. With its long lifespan and low maintenance costs, this electric city bike will virtually pay for itself compared with transportation alternatives, making it an economic choice for commuting or leisure riding. This is no cheap electric bike but is great value for money for your daily commute.

MAGMOVE Urban SA Riding Position:

We use adjustable steering wheel angle and seat height, and high-density foam padded seats to find the best position for comfortable driving. The electric bike adopts 28-inch wheels and skid tires, which can be effectively ridden on different roads. In addition, it is equipped with an LCD screen that can display basic information to provide you with a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

MAGMOVE Men’s & Women’s Electric City Bike Specifications:

We breakdown the specifications of the MAGMOVE City Electric Bike, we go through the motor, the disc brakes and the frame material.

  • Bike Name: MAGMOVE Electric City Bike
  • Brand: MAGMOVE
  • Bike Type:
  • Colour Options: Black
  • Age: 16 – Adult
  • Sex Options: Available in Men’s & Womens
  • Frame Material: ‎Aluminum
  • Frame Size: 108 cm
  • Gear Speeds: 8
  • Suspension: Front Suspension
  • Mudguard Included?: Yes
  • Battery Included: Yes
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
  • Package Dimensions: 99 x 86 x 26 cm; 32 Kg
  • ASIN: B09Q36ZG6G (Men’s) B09Q36JSXJ (Women’s)

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