POWER RIDE STORM Electric Mountain Bike Review

Introducing the POWER RIDE STORM you’re looking at one of the most powerful electric mountain bikes on the market. With a peak power rating of 250W, powered by a Samsung Cell 10.4AH Battery and with 21 Speed Shimano TXZ500 Gear Shifters. The frame is made from 6061 Alloy Aluminum, that has been strengthened to be extremely durable and sturdy. The bike has a convenient removable battery pack which makes locking up your power ride storm easy with its security cable and lock. This can also come in handy if you have to park your power ride storm around town and don’t have much space as it removes quickly for storage or transportation.

The POWER RIDE STORM electric mountain bike is a high-tech ebike with an aluminum frame and a 250W power motor. To get started, the rider needs to put on the battery first and then, turn on the power switch at the back of the bike. The display shows you, battery range, cycle speed, current gear, control mode and calorie consumption. In addition, you can change setting of brightness through adjusting knob when riding.


Power Ride creates a new and unique electric mountain bike design with power, great speed and distance and simplicity. The best part is that it comes with 2 colors and 3 different sizes (18″, 20″ & 24″) to choose from.


POWER RIDE is a young and professional brand, we are striving to be the best electric bike brand with high quality, advanced technology and good service. Our goal is to make your life more convenient and comfortable. Always believe that we provide the best products for you.

POWER RIDE STORM Electric Mountain Bike Specifications

 What are the specifications of the POWER RIDE STORM Electric Mountain Bike? The specifications can be found in detail below. This may help you compare the specifications amongst electric bicycles on the market and make your selection easier.

POWER RIDE STORM Electric Mountain Bike Specification in Details. Specifications and Features:

  1. Frame material:   Aluminum Alloy, size: 18″. Brand New frame with key components
  2. Brake: Front/ Rear disc brakes, removable brake pads
  3. Tires: 26″ x 4.0″, more reliable, safe, agile and quiet
  4. Battery pack: 10.4AH Samsung Cell battery(48V/250W), quick charging time
  5. Motor Type: 250W/36V DC Brushless Gearless Hub Motor
  6. Motor Power: 250W
  7. Max. Speed: 25km/h
  8. Range Per Charge (Approx): 30~50km
  9. Battery Capacity: 10.4AH Samsung Cell Battery
  10. Color: Black, Green, Red and Silver Color Frame with Optional
  11. Wheel Size: 26″ or 27.5″ Wheel Mountain Bike Tire Rim

Fun and Powerful – The POWER RIDE STORM Electric Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is ideal for heavy riders or big trips. Powerful, stylish, comfortable and safe.
The new design comes in four different colours to choose from: black, white, green and red.

Do you want to ride faster and further with less effort? POWER RIDE STORM Electric Mountain Bike is the answer. Power your commute, cruise the bike path, or explore the forest with the e-assist feature up to 25-30KMH, 350W Max power assist (3 levels), Throttle and pedal assist modes.

The Power Ride Storm electric mountain bike has a 250W power motor, providing a top speed of up to 25km/h. Front and rear brakes are hydraulic disc brakes with quick release levers and the bike also features 21-speed gearing and a Shimano transmission system. The 26 or 27.5inch wheels have quick release for easy removal for repairs or transportation. The aluminium body frame is 18 inches long (460mm) with a high-quality finish to make it look great.

Take your next adventure off road with the Power Ride Storm electric mountain bike. Featuring a sturdy aluminum frame, a 250 watt power motor, and the option of two wheel sizes to choose from, this bike has enough features to get you through any terrain.

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