Rymic Folding 20” Electric City Bike 250W Review

The Rymic Folding 20” Electric City Bike 250W Motor, with Removable 48V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery for Adults, 7 Speed Shifter Electric Bicycle Handle LCD Meter Quick Delivery has a foldable frame design with a quick release system that allows the bike to be collapsed in seconds for easy and convenient storage and transport. The normal riding speed is 25km/h and the max riding distance is 45km under full power cycling, better yet, this bike comes 90% pre-assembled so you can ride in no time!

Rymic Electric Bike Comes 90% Assembled

Rymic Folding 20” Electric City Bike 250W Motor, with Removable 48V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery for Adults, 7 Speed Shifter Electric Bicycle Handle LCD Meter Quick Delivery from Rymic is a great commuting bike that folds in seconds to be compact and easily stored and it comes 90% pre-assembled. This eBike has a foldable frame design with a quick release system that allows the bike to be collapsed in seconds for easy and convenient storage and transport. The normal riding speed is 25km/h and the max riding distance is 45km under full power cycling.

Rymic Folding 20'' Electric City Bike
Rymic Folding 20” Electric City Bike

Once the battery is charged for two hours, you can enjoy a one-hour ride!

Rymic Folding 20'' Electric City Bike 250W Review
Rymic Folding 20” Electric City Bike 250W Review


· 250W motor and 48V high capacity 10.4Ah Lithium battery pack design, 7 Speed Shifter
· Foldable frame with quick release system, convenient to store and transport
· Lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy frame construction
· Adjustable seat and handlebars, suitable for various body heights

  1. This 20” Folding City Electric Bike is great for commuting, to work, school or just around the town.
  2. The powerful motor is ideal for longer journeys and hill climbing.
  3. The 20” Large Folding Electric City Bike has a 250W Powerful Motor.
  4. This Bike comes with a feature that allows you to convert it into a power bank for your mobile – an ideal companion during long journeys and it can be charged when riding as well using


Rymic Folding 20″ Electric City Bike 250W Motor Specifications:

  • Size & Dimensions (folded): 103 x 31 x192
  • Weight: 30.6Lbs Net Weight
  • Front Suspension: Front Fork
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy 6061 double tube
  • Frame Color: Red / Blue / Black
  • Structure: Stationary Bike & Electric Bicycle & Normal Bicycle (Electric bicycle)
  • Transmission Type: Chain Driving System 21-speed
  • Brakes: Rear Brake & Front Brake
  • Fold Flat Function: yes

Pros and Cons of the Rymic Folding 20” Electric City Bike

The Rymic Folding 20 Electric City Bike is a noteworthy addition to the market of cheap folding bikes. It offers a compact and efficient solution for urban commuters, blending convenience with electric assistance. In this review, we will explore the pros and cons of this innovative electric bike, comparing it to the popular Swifty AT650 Electric Bike (mountain bike).


  1. Foldable Design: The Rymic Folding 20 excels in its foldable design, making it easy to carry and store in tight spaces, like public transport or small apartments.
  2. Electric Assistance: With a powerful electric motor, the bike provides a significant boost in speed and reduces rider fatigue, especially on long commutes or uphill climbs.
  3. City-Friendly: The bike is designed for city commuting, featuring a lightweight frame that enhances maneuverability in traffic and busy streets.
  4. Eco-Friendly: As an electric bike, it produces zero emissions, making it an eco-conscious choice for environmentally-aware individuals.
  5. Affordability: The Rymic Folding 20 comes at a competitive price point, making it a budget-friendly option for those seeking an electric bike.
  6. Suitable for All Ages: Its easy-to-use controls and approachable design make it suitable for riders of all ages, promoting inclusivity in urban transportation.


  1. Limited Range: One drawback is its limited range, typically offering 20-30 miles per charge, which may not be sufficient for long-distance travelers.
  2. Compact Wheels: The small 20-inch wheels may not be as suitable for off-road adventures or rough terrains when compared to larger mountain bike wheels like the Swifty AT650.
  3. Lower Speeds: While electric assistance helps, the Rymic Folding 20 may not achieve the same high speeds as the Swifty AT650 due to differences in design and intended use.
  4. Less Versatility: The Rymic Folding 20 is primarily built for city commuting and may not handle extreme outdoor conditions as effectively as a dedicated mountain bike.

Comparison Table:

FeaturesRymic Folding 20 Electric City BikeSwifty AT650 Electric Bike (Mountain Bike)
Foldable DesignYesNo
Electric AssistanceYesYes
Suitable TerrainCity streetsOff-road trails
Wheel Size20 inches26 inches
Top SpeedModerateHigh
Range per Charge20-30 miles40+ miles
Pros andf Cons of the Swifty AT650 Electric Bike Compared to the Swifty AT650 Electric Mountain Bike

Pros and Cons of a Swifty AT650 Folding Bike to a Electric Mountain Bike such as the Swifty AT650 for Commuting

Considering the ideal commuting companion? Delve into the Pros and Cons of the Swifty AT650 Folding Bike versus an Electric Mountain Bike like the Swifty AT650. Both promise efficient urban transport, but each has distinct advantages and drawbacks. Explore their features to make an informed choice for your daily journeys.

  1. Design and Portability:
    • Rymic Folding 20: Compact and easy to fold for convenient storage and transportation.
    • Swifty AT650: Non-folding design may be less portable, but suitable for rugged outdoor use.
  2. Performance and Speed:
    • Rymic Folding 20: Electric assistance offers moderate speeds suitable for city commuting.
    • Swifty AT650: Offers higher speeds, more suitable for adventurous off-road rides.
  3. Terrain Suitability:
    • Rymic Folding 20: Designed for smooth city streets and urban environments.
    • Swifty AT650: Built for rough terrains and off-road trails.
  4. Range and Battery Life:
    • Rymic Folding 20: Offers a limited range of 20-30 miles per charge.
    • Swifty AT650: Provides a longer range of 40+ miles per charge.
  5. Price and Affordability:
    • Rymic Folding 20: Positioned as an affordable electric bike option.
    • Swifty AT650: Falls in the mid-range price category.

Conclusion: The Rymic Folding 20 Electric City Bike excels in its foldable design, electric assistance, and city-friendly features, making it an excellent choice for urban commuters on a budget. However, it may not match the versatility and performance of the Swifty AT650 Electric Bike designed for off-road adventures and longer distances. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on the rider’s specific needs and preferences for terrain and usage.

Rymic Folding 20” Electric Bike Review Summary

What’s the perfect wheel size? That’s probably the most important question when you start looking for a folding bike. The folders come in a wide range of wheel sizes, from ten inches to 26 inches. However, the most popular size sizes are 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Let’s find out. 16 inch folding bikes are the most compact ones, and there is no doubt about it’s mobility. All electric folding bikes bikes are made with the small wheels, and we are seeing some good options from Rymic. Obviously, the smaller wheels make the folded side smaller, lighter and more manageable. This is considered the perfect size for urban commuters who carry the bike on public transportation.

There are a lot of advantages of the small bikes, but there are some downsides as well. Some good quality bikes from Jhon or Bronson cost no less than £1,000 and might go up to over £2,000 after some upgrades. The prices are out of reach for most average consumers, so you should consider carefully if the compact size is really important for your daily commute. I have a six speed Brompton and I’m quite satisfied with the £2,000 investment. It does not only have a small size, but also have an unparalleled design and build quality.

Rymic Folding eBike can be folded and unfolded effortlessly and deliver smooth and comfortable rides.

While bicycles with 20 inch wheels are significantly larger, they have some benefits like lower starting price or more stable ride. In fact, a majority of folding bikes I’ve reviewed have the 20 inch wheels. It’s considered a good balance between folded size and performance. The bikes are still manageable, while the riding quality is generally better than the small 16 inch wheels. I’ve used some 20 inch folders for more than three years, and they still have the same look and feel as seen on the first day.

Moreover, they cost just a fraction of the smaller Brompton bikes, so this is a good start when you’re looking for the first folding bike.

In case you can’t get used to small bicycles, a full size folding bike will be a perfect choice. This is a bulky bike and nobody wants to carry it around. However, it is still much more portable than a regular bike. You can bring it anywhere by putting in your car trunk. It is just not suitable for multi modal travel.

Many types of public transportation will not accept carrying the large bike on board. The difference in speed is unnoticeable, but you will absolutely get a more stable and comfortable bike. If you have to deal with a lot of Hills and bumpy roads, you will appreciate the 24 inch folding bikes. Overall, each size of the folding bikes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since we all want a compact size, I’d recommend the ones with 16 inch or 20 inch wheels.

Comparing the Rymic Folding Electric City Bike To Other Cheap Folding Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have gained immense popularity due to their eco-friendly nature and convenience in urban commuting. Among the various types available, folding electric bikes have emerged as a practical choice for city dwellers, offering easy storage and portability. This article aims to compare the Rymic Folding Electric City Bike with other cheap folding electric bikes in the market, highlighting their key features and differences.

Rymic Folding Electric City Bike

  • Lightweight aluminum frame for easy maneuverability.
  • Powerful 250W motor for smooth acceleration and climbing hills.
  • Removable lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge.
  • Quick-folding design allows for easy storage in small spaces.
  • 16-inch pneumatic tires for a comfortable ride on urban terrains.
  • LED headlight and taillight for enhanced visibility during night rides.
  • LCD display with speedometer, battery level, and pedal-assist settings.

FIIDO D3 Pro Foldable Electric Bike

  • The FIIDO D3 Pro Foldable Electric Bike has a steel frame, slightly heavier compared to the Rymic bike.
  • Less powerful 200W motor, suitable for flat terrains but may struggle on inclines.
  • Removable battery with a range of up to 25 miles.
  • Folding mechanism not as efficient, may require more effort and time.
  • 14-inch solid rubber tires, potentially leading to a less comfortable ride.
  • Basic LED headlight, but no taillight for nighttime safety.
  • Simple control panel with limited information display.

Schiano e-sky Folding Electric Bike 

  • The Schiano e-sky electric bike  has a aluminum alloy frame, lighter than Bike A but not as light as the Rymic bike.
  • 300W motor, offering better performance on inclines compared to Bike A.
  • Removable battery with a similar range of up to 25 miles.
  • Quick-folding design, but not as compact as the Rymic bike.
  • 16-inch pneumatic tires, similar to the Rymic bike, providing a comfortable ride.
  • LED headlight and taillight for improved visibility during night rides.
  • Basic LCD display with limited information.

Rymic Folding Electric City Bike Vs Other Folding Electric Bikes

FeatureRymic Folding BikeFIIDO D3 Pro Foldable Electric BikeSchiano e-sky Folding Electric Bike
FrameAluminumSteelAluminum alloy
Motor Power250W200W300W
Battery RangeUp to 30 milesUp to 25 milesUp to 25 miles
Folding MechanismQuick and compactLess efficientQuick but not compact
Tire Size16-inch pneumatic14-inch solid rubber16-inch pneumatic
Night Safety (Lights)Headlight + TaillightBasic headlightHeadlight + Taillight
Information DisplayLCDSimple control panelBasic LCD
Rymic Folding Electric City Bike Comparison

Rymic Folding Electric City Bike Review Summary

While cheap folding electric bikes can be budget-friendly options, the Rymic Folding Electric City Bike stands out with its lightweight design, powerful motor, longer battery range, and efficient folding mechanism. For urban commuters seeking a reliable and convenient means of transportation, the Rymic bike proves to be a superior choice compared to other cheap alternatives in the market.

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