Schwinn Elm Kids Bike with SmartStart

This lightweight Schwinn Elmer Girl’s Bike is designed for girls 3-6 years old. It features SmartStart Technology, with a lightweight aluminum frame, 12-20 inch tires, and easy to use coaster brakes.

Schwinn Elm is a lightweight bike with smooth, low to the ground handlebars that make it easy for riders to manage and balance. SmartStart Technology makes starting easier so young riders build their confidence. The UK Special Edition comes equipped with a quick release seat clamp which allows the seat to easily detach from the frame so seats can be switched between child and adult sizes. The Schwinn Elm girl’s bike features a lightweight frame with a paint job that will fit the style of any girl. The smooth design and larger wheels provide stability and comfort, while training wheels ensure a safe ride during the growth period. A 7-speed twist shifter allows for easy use, whether your child is new to riding or ready for extra speed. Includes hand brakes for easier control of speed.

Elm Bike for Comfort

The Schwinn Elm girl’s bike is designed with durability in mind, using important features to keep kids riding as they get older. From the comfortable seat to the quick-release seat post, this safe and sturdy bike has everything your little girl needs to have fun on the ride. Our Schwinn Elm: frame: Schwinn girl’s signature lightweight aluminum frame features a strong steel structure and is rated to support riders up to 60 inches tall, making it ideal for both beginning riders and youngsters ready for a taller bike with the perfect fit.

Elm Bike Designed to Grow With your Girl

The Schwinn Elm is a 12″ – 20″ wheel bike designed for growth. The lightweight, smaller frame bike is the perfect training bike for the young rider on their way to two-wheel fun. Featuring Schwinn’s SmartStart Technology, designed just for kids. The lighter frame, pedals and cranks are positioned forward making it easier to kick off and start riding.

The Schwinn girl’s signature lightweight frame, 40-pounds in weight, is a strong steel structure that supports riders up to 60 inches (5’6’’) tall, making it ideal for both beginning riders and youngsters ready for a taller bike with the perfect fit.

Our Schwinn Elm helps your little girl build confidence as she grows with a lightweight aluminum frame that supports riders up to 60 inches tall and is rated for young riders.

Schwinn Elm Girls Bike Review

The Schwinn Elm is an affordable, quality girls’ bike that is designed to grow with the rider. Our testers loved how the frame fit them perfectly and how the seat was at the perfect height as well. The paint job is fun and vibrant and all of our testers said they just wanted to get on their bikes and ride. Riding the Schwinn Elm was easy for our smaller testers but still provided a challenge for our taller 8-year-old tester. She felt very comfortable in her saddle and did not want to get off when her test ride ended. With practice she master the hand brakes very quickly.

The Schwinn Elm is designed for girls ages 3-7. At the first sign of puberty a girl typically outgrows her first bike (typically a 24 inch bicycle.) The Elm features a 20-inch frame and an adjustable seat to extend the length of time that your child will be able to safely ride. When we asked our testers which things they loved most about their bikes, they told us that they loved how much fun they were to ride, how easy the hand brakes were to use, and how smooth riding their bikes were. All of our younger testers mastered riding their bikes without their training wheels within a few weeks.

The Schwinn Elm is a lightweight girls’ bike equipped with a padded saddle and handlebars for comfort, thus the rider can ride longer and more frequently. The ten-speed gearing allows the rider to experience the sensation of easier pedaling without having to change bikes as they grow older. This bike is designed to grow with the rider, so it features a large adjustable seat and handlebars that are easily raised or lowered for an optimal fit. Since this bike is lightweight it’s easy for younger riders to maneuver around objects, helping them build confidence.

Our 8-yr-old tester felt confident when riding the Schwinn Elm because the bike is lightweight and equipped with training wheels to help balance. She also liked how the handlebars have a foam grip. The dual hand brakes let her stop smoothly and easily. The Schwinn Elm has many great safety features such as reflectors on the pedals, rear taillights, a bell and reflectors on the wheels. It also has padded handlebars for long rides. All of our testers were comfortable on this bike, especially during long rides. The seat height is adjustable so it fits smaller riders perfectly, which is great for comfort.

Schwinn Elm 20″ Bike

We’re excited to introduce the Schwinn Elm! A quality 20-inch bike designed specifically for girls. This bike features comfort and durability for a great on- or off-road experience. With great performance, easy-to-use hand brakes, and a cadence sensor that helps keep your pedaling steady, this bike makes getting from point A to B fun and easy.

The Schwinn Elm 20″ wheel bike is designed to fit smaller riders and grow with them as their skills develop. Sport styling and quality features which include a padded saddle for comfort, easy-grip hand brakes and lightweight aluminum wheels make this bike an ideal choice for any child looking to add a little exercise to their day. The included training wheels enhance stability and confidence so that your child can focus on building motor skills and developing coordination while having fun.

Shwinn Elm 20 bike Review
Shwinn Elm 20 bike Review

Schwinn Elm 18″ Bike

The Schwinn Elm 18″ bike is perfect for the beginner rider. It is designed to grow with the rider. Our smaller testers loved this bike, while our taller 6 year-old tester also felt very confident and was proud of herself for mastering the hand brakes. The grip shifter is easy to master for younger riders but our older, more experienced tester had no problems adapting to them either.

The Schwinn Elm 18″ bike is not only designed to grow with the rider but it will provide years of enjoyment for the girls in your family. Whether they are a first time rider or have been riding for years, the Schwinn Elm is comfortable to ride and easy to use. Stay tuned for our complete review coming soon!

Shwinn Elm Girls Bike
Shwinn Elm Girls Bike

Schwinn Elm 16″ Bike

The Schwinn Elm 16 inch bike is a great all-around starter bike for your little rider and a great way to introduce them to the Schwinn quality of bikes. The aluminum frame is light weight and durable and will last for many years. This bike comes with training wheels that are sturdy and help your child keep their balance until they are confident enough to ride without them. There are also easy-to-use hand brakes that help your child easily stop and start while riding down hills and on trails. Our smaller testers thought this was such a fun bike, they did not want to give it back after the test ride.

Schwinn Girls’ 16-Inch Elm bike is a quality, durable steel frame bike with really nice components for young girls just getting started riding. We love the bright colors and the matching grips and seat. Schwinn’s new patented seat is very comfortable and held up to our weight testing with ease. The bike looks good and rides even better. It has a thumb brake in the back and a coaster brake in the front. We also tested this bike’s wheel stability when leaning it against another bike, while standing on top of the seat, and while holding onto the back brake–it was solid everywhere we tried it.

Shwinn Elm 14 Inch Bike
Shwinn Elm 14 Inch Bike

Schwinn Elm 14″ Bike

Welcome to the world of biking. The Schwinn Elm 14″ is a quality girls’ bike that our testers loved. The paint job is fun and vibrant and will make the rider want to get on and ride. It allows for easy growth as the rider grows and can handle the road or dirt as well as other terrains that doesn’t include asphalt. Taller children will enjoy the challenge of this bike and smaller children will find it very comfortable. With practice they can master the hand brakes easily.

The Schwinn Elm Girls’ Bike is perfect for beginning riders learning how to ride a bike. This classic 14-inch bike comes with a comfortable saddle, easy-to-use handbrakes and wide tires that are perfect for soft terrain. The paint job is fun and vibrant, so it’s easy to spot this lightweight cruiser at the curb. Cubbies along the frame allow storage for books and supplies when you’re on the go.

This Schwinn Elm 14″ Bike is the perfect bicycle for girls who are ready to be independent. Girls can feel free, confident and proud as they cruise from place to place with this great-looking bike. Features include a padded saddle that will keep her comfortable, a steel frame that ensures strength, and training wheels that provide better balance.

Schwinn Elm 12″ Bike

Our testers all agreed that the Schwinn Elm 12″ girls’ bike is a beautiful bike. It comes in three bright colors, it was built well and sturdy. The biggest benefit to this bike is its adjustability. Our younger testers felt comfortable on the frame and could easily touch the ground for quick stops. It was easy to adjust the seat and handle bars which helped our taller tester feel like a pro rider along with her friends.

This is a quality bike designed to grow with the rider. Our testers loved how the seat was at the perfect height for them and how the brakes worked well. The seat post makes the bike adjustable so it will fit any child, ages 5-8 years old. The Schwinn brand name guarantees years of use and fun for your little girl.

The Schwinn Elm 12″ Bike is a comfortable, quality bike that is built to last. Quality components allow riders to learn how to ride and master the basics of bike riding. Features include an adjustable seat post to ensure a proper fit as the rider grows, Schwinn alloy rims for durability, and coaster brakes for easy stopping.

Schwinn bikes are made for fun. This is an affordable, quality girls’ bike with great features that will help her adjust to the big-kid bike stage. Our testers loved how the frame fit them perfectly and how the seat was at the perfect height. The Schwinn Elm 12″ bike also comes with training wheels as well as hand brakes, gear shifter and a kickstand. All of our testers said they just wanted to get on their bikes and ride. Riding the Schwinn Elm was easy for our smaller testers but still provided a challenge for our taller 4-year-old tester.

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