Vitus E Substance Aluminium E Adventure Bike (Fazua – 2021) Electric Bike

Vitus E Substance Aluminium combines the strength, reliability and rigidity of an aluminium frame with the stability and control of a unidirectional carbon fork. Equipped with an integrated electric drive and a high-quality aluminium fork, the E-Substance builds a versatile aluminium frame for a variety of applications. 

As an electric ballast wheel, the Vitus E Substance Adventure appeals to a wide range of riders. The bike copes much better on gravel, in addition to a high-quality carbon fork for a more comfortable ride. Based on the award-winning Substance Aluminium E – Substance E Adventure Bike design, it is perfect for gravel and mountain biking.


Whether you are looking for a commuter bike with a fast drop handlebar for fast drop distances or a bike for long distances, the E-Substance is an incredibly versatile device, whether you are on a weekend trip to explore more off-the-beaten track or more mountain biking. With this Fazua powered bike you can literally have two bikes in one, “says Vitus E Substance Aluminium E Substance Adventure Bike founder and CEO. 

The Fazua’s drive system, known as the Fazua Drivepack, is a lightweight electric bike drive system consisting of a detachable 255Wh battery and a 250W motor, which together weigh 3.5 kg (Made in Germany). The removal of the motor, drive and battery reduces the total weight of the bike by 3 – 6 kg. 


The Vitus E Substance Aluminium adventure bike gets additional power and greater tire clearance, and it is equipped with a carbon drop bar and a powerful derailleur. The LT is equipped with carbon-fiber drip and handlebars, an electric bike designed for roadies who want a more comfortable ride than a traditional road bike, but with the same performance and comfort as a normal bike. This aluminium adventure bike has extra power and great tyre clearance, its kittens are out and get the extra power, bigger tyres and more ground clearance.


The Fazua Evation is separated in the frame tube and driven by the bottom bracket axle, with the two drive systems dominating. The ebike motion X35 drive is housed in a carbon fibre frame, which is used on all bicycles tested here. Both bikes have a single-speed drive with rear derailleur and front-wheel drive, while the Ebike Motion X 35 drivetrains are mounted on the rear axle.

The super-light e-bike makes you forget that you are riding an e-racing bike, and the range can be easily extended. The battery is light and easy to remove, with a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge and a maximum power of 2.5 kilowatts. 

Compact, light and quiet, the Fazua Evation Drive System (EDS) is compatible with conventional dual cranks. The emitter is equipped with an integrated electric drive, which has a range of up to 30 miles and a maximum power of 2.5 kW on one charge. 

The comfort-oriented geometry combines a mid-engine with a high-speed, low-torque and high-torque drive. The bike moves pretty much like a normal bike, with the added benefit of an electric motor, but with more power and less weight. 

The gearbox is perfect for combining a 38 t FSA chainring with an electric motor and a high speed, low torque drive. The frame is combined with a full carbon fork with bevel steering and has a carbon front derailleur and a carbon rear fork. It has good specifications, and the drive system is equipped with the Vitus E subscription aluminium E. 

This Vitus E Substance Aluminium is the first carbon frame model of the Vitus E subscription aluminium E Adventure Bike and it is available in two different colours: black and white.


We would say that the aluminum version offers the best value for money, although some riders prefer the feel of carbon over rougher terrain and are willing to fork extra. Focus says it is suitable for off-road rides, gravel, bike packages and adventures with the Fazua Evation engine system. The Vitus E Substance E Adventure has a range of up to 60 km on one charge and we give it a big thumbs up. 

Focus says the carbon bike weighs 13 kg and the aluminium version 12 kg, but both are more than twice as heavy as the standard Vitus E Substance E Adventure bike. 

The entire Fazua system (except the gearbox) is removable, so you can ride it like a normal road bike or ride it when the situation requires it. This means that you have a bike weighing 9 kg if you want to use it as your normal road bike. E-racing bikes, FOCUS Bikes is one of the leading premium brands in the field of engineering for amateur athletes and professionals. With the F Azua systems you can not only ride an electric road bike, but also ride it and ride it on the road. 


The Wild Flow EVO RS eMTB delivers performance when needed and is a carbon-powered bike that redefines resistance – the free Fazua motor. The e-bike Substance is the first of its kind worldwide and will certainly be a popular model. NYTRO is used in a wide range of sports, from mountain biking to cross-country skiing and from road racing to mountain bike racing. 

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