VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review

Reading through expert and user reviews on the VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike has shown us that this bike is a great option for anyone looking for an easy ride thanks to its 21 speeds and comfortable suspension.

VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike
VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike

17 Reasons Why You’ll Love the VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike:

The VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike is a popular choice for cheap ebike reviews because it offers a lot of features that other models don’t have. It has front and rear suspension, three different pedal assist modes, 21 speed settings, removable battery and a maximum range of 50 miles. Riders who tested the bike rated it highly for its sturdy build and powerful motor.

VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review
VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review
  1. The front and rear suspension provide a comfortable ride over rough roads and trails.
  2. The bike has 21 speeds, three modes of pedal assist and a throttle that allow the rider to keep up with fast friends and power up hills.
  3. The battery is easy to charge. It’s removable.
  4. This bike folds up so it’s easy to transport and store.
  5. Comes with a bright headlight for riding on wet days.
  6. Fenders – less mud spatter
  7. The bike has many speeds and a rechargeable battery.
  8. If you are 5’2” to 6’3” you can ride it.
  9. Riders can carry up to 330lbs.
  10. Folds for easy transport
  11. The tires have thick treads for a smooth ride
  12. The electric motor has several speeds for riders of all abilities
  13. The bike works well on grass, dirt and paved roads
  14. It is easy to adjust the seat height
  15. You can choose the level of power assistance that suits you best
  16. It is easy to put on and take off the front wheel
  17. The bike has a front shock absorber for smooth rides
VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Motor

5 Reasons Not to Love the VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike:

VIVI folding electric mountain bike is a bike which folds at the center and thus it doesn’t need any space while storing. This makes it very convenient to be taken anywhere. The VIVI folding electric mountain bike even comes in different variants that you can choose according to your need and budget. The ebike comes in an affordable price range, but do its features match with the price? Let’s find out!

  1. Changing the pedals is a struggle
  2. The chain breaks during riding
  3. Insufficient information on the controller and battery
  4. The bike has no digital display but it has lights that indicate battery status
  5. Not all electric bikes are the same, you may still find some good products from this brand or from that brand
VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike UK

Pro’s & Con’s Summary:

If you are interested in an electric folding bike that travels well over more varied terrain, the VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike is likely worth considering. It even folds down to the size of a standard mountain bike. However, if you need a bike for everyday transportation, the weight and unusual folding design might be a drawback.

21 Shimano Gears
21 Shimano Gears

The VIVI Electric Mountain Bike is great for commuters and other short distance riders. The big tires and front shocks make it perfect for riding over smoother terrain like sidewalks and concrete paths. The bike is well priced and one of the least expensive electric bikes on the market.


Age range‎Tall Teen & Adult
Bike type‎Folding Electric Mountain Bike
Brake type‎Disc Brakes
Color‎26 inch Black
Frame material‎Aluminum Alloy
Number of speeds‎21 Shimano Gears
Features‎Lightweight, Foldable, Battery Powered
Usage‎Trail, Gravel, Road
Suspension‎Dual, front and Rear
Wheel size‎26 Inches wheel
Included components‎Bicycle – Battery, Bag
Manufacturer‎Guangzhou Plenty Bicycle Co,Ltd
Item Weight‎29 Kilograms

VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Set Up
VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Set Up


The VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike features a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur, a high tensile steel frame, powerful disk brakes and a 250-watt motor. The bike is available in yellow with black or white accents. After struggling with tedious road biking for years on my own, I was excited to get my hands on the VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike for testing purposes. Having been impressed by the high ratings and feature list, I soon realized that this was a unique product that would appeal to commuters on all levels.

VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Modes of Display

VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Features:

  • Color Black
  • Folding Method Folding
  • Motor 250W  (36V 8Ah) Brushless Compared Drive System
  • Battery 36V8AH Lithium Battery
  • Motor Controller 500W Brushless Geared Motor Controller
  • Battery Charger 110V-120V/220-240V Standard US Plug/EU Plug Charger/Car Charger (included)
  • Controller Charging Time 3~5 Hours (included)
  • High-quality folding bike, with a 250W motor, perfect for riding at high speeds on various terrains
  • 8Ah lithium battery, capable of travelling long distances
  • The battery can be mounted on the frame or stored in the trunk, making the design more flexible and convenient
  • To enjoy a relaxing and stable ride, start off in the electric mode, hit the LCD controller to switch to the pedal-assist mode as your speed increases
  • To extend the battery life of your bike, switch over to two-wheel drive
  • If you want to go faster, you can also use the “turbo” function
  • While riding down a hill, turn off power and pedal to help you gain momentum
  • The high efficiency brushless hub motor makes riding more fun.
  • The powerful battery can support multiple speeds for you to choose freely.
  • The folding system makes transporting easy, you can take it with you to your office or camping easily.
VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Electrics Set Up

Editors Review Summary

I’ve got good news. Today I’m going to be taking you through the VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike review so you can see whether this could be the bike for you. The bike has a 250W electric motor, 36V Li-battery, 21-speed system, front and rear disc brakes. Let’s dive right in and see what it has to offer.

VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Electrics Riding
VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike Electrics Riding

The VIVI Electric Folding Mountain Bike is an ideal on-the-go bike for both leisure and business use. It is a sturdy folding bike with high quality material and mobility. With 8Ah battery, it can be folded easily when you don’t need to ride. You can put it in your car trunk or under the bus seat with no effort, suitable for daily commuting. The Sports Saddle offers riders a comfortable back rest and ensures your comfortable travelling.

The VIVI Folding Electric Mountain Bike was created with the intention of combining all the necessary features to build a solid electric bicycle in one convenient package. While it may not be garnering as much attention as other models on the market today, it is still worth at least considering. This bike promises a functional design, a lightweight and durable build, and an affordable price, making it the ultimate value option for those on a budget who can afford this price range.

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