Hyuhome Electric Bike Review

The special features of the Hyuhome Electric Bike Review include: 26 inch double disc brake, front and rear shock absorbers, Magnesium alloy wheels, Mode locking: The upper speed limiter can be set from 0 km to 50 km. When it is set to 0 km, the motor will not run,26km/h maximum speed~3km riding distance on a single charge (This depends on rider weight and road conditions.), 36V 13Ah removable lithium-ion battery pack.

Review after 3 months of Using the HYUHOME Electric Bike

Hey there! Today I’m going to be talking about the Hyuhome Electric Bike. I’ve had this bike for 3 months now and haven’t had any problems with it what so ever. It is well admired, and so many kids have said “What a cool bike!” At 73 years old, that makes me feel great! I don’t regret for one second taking the chance and ordering from China. The support if needed from China is first class and usually responses are within 12 hours. Have no hesitation saying give it a go! Worth the time and well worth the money. Solid pleasant to ride, and it looks great!!

Hyuhome Electric Bikes Review
Hyuhome Electric Bikes Review

If you are wondering if Hyuhome electric bike is a scam, this review should prove that it is not. Wanted to upgrade my ageing Road bike for something that was more relaxed to ride and wouldn’t put so much pressure on lower back etc. I did a lot of research before buying the Hyuome 48v 1000w, in fact there was so much info I was beginning to feel overwhelmed – both positive and negative. Also as with many people, I was wondering if it would be easy/convenient getting spare parts, or even finding someone locally who could repair it. There were some negatives though – too heavy, not enough torque and not powerful enough. After months of research then feeling some buyers remorse and thinking about returning it all I decided to trust my instincts and gave the bike a go anyway.

Hyuhome Electric Bikes Dimensions
Hyuhome Electric Bikes Dimensions

After owning a Hyuome 48v 1000w, I figured I’d share my 3+ months of experience with it so far. First off, while I was waiting for the bike to arrive (there was a delay due to customs) I did a lot of research before buying it – in fact, there is so much information I was beginning to feel overwhelmed – both positive and negative. There were some negatives though – too heavy, not enough torque and not powerful enough. After reading everything I could read on every model available (there are hundreds!) I chose the Hyuome 48v 1000w because: 1) It’s well known as being one of (if not the best) electric bike you can buy. 2) It has a belt drive not chain drive so will be MUCH quieter and smoother to operate than the others which are chain driven. 3) It has an easy to remove battery which can be recharged separately from the bike. 4) It’s made in China by Huyi rather than imported from Europe or somewhere else. 5) There were a number of people who were very happy at how     responsive were people like Huyi if you did encounter any problems, as opposed to some others who didn’t.

Hyuhome Electric Bike Deal
Hyuhome Electric Bike Deal

HYUHOME Electric Bike Specifications:

  • Bike Name: HYUHOME Electric Bike
  • Bike Brand: Hyuhome
  • Bike Manufacture: Hyuhome Bikes
  • Sex: Mens
  • Brake Type: Duel Disc Brake
  • Gear Speeds: 21
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Seat Materal: EVA
  • Suspension: Front Suspension
  • Battery Size: 10Ah
  • Charge Distance: 65Km
  • Usage: Road and Trail
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Bike Weight: 22kg
  • Dimensions: 170 cm L x 110 cm Height
  • Manufacturers Product Code: 785-101-559
  • ASIN: B088TVS5TX

Pro’s of the HYUHOME Electric Bike:

  • Comes with Extras: 2 Inner Tubes, spare disc brake, 2 seat covers and a Chain Lock
  • Simple to use front gear changer, easily slip up and down gears
  • Simple Charging display – easy to see when the battery is fully charged

Con’s of the HYUHOME Electric Bike:

  • Disc Brake Cable needs regular tightening to ensure fast braking
  • Gears need adjusting over time
  • At 22kg it is not the lightest bikes

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