BLUEWHEEL 20″ Folding Electric Bike Review

BLUEWHEEL 20″ Foldable E-Bike

With the BLUEWHEEL BXB55 S20 20″ folding electric bike, you can choose your ideal transport and get back actively into sports again. The motor helps you keep a constant pace and you can use the LCD display to track your training. Also appreciated in this BLUEWHEEL ebike is the Bluetooth technology integration via smartphone cradle and on-board computer to track speed, distance, battery & mode. Even more, the safety comes first with a sturdy mountain bike frame plus smart components such as disc brakes & Tektro gear parts. The extra suspension in the saddle and medium-sized tires of Kenda completes this user-friendly offer by an established global brand!

BLUEWHEEL Folding Electric Bike Review
BLUEWHEEL Folding Electric Bike Review

Bluewheel Folding Electric Bike

If you’re looking to purchase a cheap, affordable and good quality electric bike, then the Bluewheel 20″ Folding Electric Bike is a great deal. With a 36-volt battery and 250-watt motor, you’ll get plenty of help with climbing hills and travelling. The wheels are tough with thick rubber and feature strong disc brakes for added safety. Add the convenient smartphone app and you’ll want to ride this bike every chance you get. It’s easy to use, lightweight and folds easily to fit in your car trunk or storage shed.

BLUEWHEEL Folding Electric Bike Review UK
BLUEWHEEL Folding Electric Bike Review UK

Overall, we can say that the Bluewheel 20″ E-bike is a high quality product that performs well on a variety of terrains and surfaces. Its lightness & compactness makes it easy to transport and store. The range is more than enough for city commutes and it doesn’t cost too much to operate, making it especially attractive for commuters.

The BLUEWHEEL 20 E-bike is a city and country bike with integrated features such as a smartphone cradle, GPS function and electric assist. Also available in our shop.

BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike - Display
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike – Display


Bike type‎Electric Folding Bike 10 Ah Battery
Brake type‎Disc Brakes
Color‎BXB55 White
Size‎10 Ah Battery, 20″ wheel
Frame material‎Aluminum
Weight‎21 Kilograms
Number of speeds‎7 Gears
Features‎Foldable biek, Removable Battery
Batteries included?‎Yes
Brand‎Bluewheel Electromobility
Manufacturer‎Bluewheel Electromobility
Manufacturer reference‎BW_BXB55_WT_10
Package Dimensions‎90 x 73 x 38 cm; 23.44 Kilograms
BLUEWHEEL 20″ Folding Electric Bike Specifcations
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike - Folded
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike – Folded


  • The bike runs smooth and is easy to control
  • The bike is lightweight and easy to lift
  • The tyres are of good quality giving it a smooth run
  • The bike feels sturdy and durable
  • The bike can carry heavy weights due to its strong frame
  • It can go uphill well and hare slopes easily.
  • It has a very nice display which gives you an update of your speed, rpm, charge and distance you covered
  • It can do up to 30 mph (48 km/h)
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike - Battery
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike – Battery

Setting the Bike Up:

The folding process is quite simple and can be done in just 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Inflate the tires to their recommended PSI (You should be able to comfortably push down on the tire with your hand)
  • Step 2: Grab the release lever located at the top of each pedal and twist counter-clockwise, which will release the pedal from its housing.
  • Step 3: Repeat with both pedals and then gently pull away the chain cover and remove the kick stand.
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike - Seat
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike – Seat

BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike - Compact
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike – Compact

Review Summary

This is a review I didn’t think I’d ever write but, based on my experience with the Bluewheel 20″ electric folding bike, I was wrong. If you’re looking for a great folding bike and don’t know where to start, keep reading.

In this article, I’m going to review the BLUEWHEEL 20″ Folding Electric Bike. The advantages and disadvantages of this electric bike will be discussed so that you can decide whether this is the bike for you or not. Don’t worry if you have no idea about electric bikes because I’m going to cover everything in detail here to make sure you understand what’s what before you buy it.

BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike - Componants
BLUEWHEEL Folding Bike – Componants

Thanks to the well thought-out folding system, the 20″ E-bike is quick & easy to fold. Compact, light and mobile, you can be on the move in the city and in the country. A strong and removable 36 volt lithium-ion battery and a 250 watt SHENGYI rear hub motor ensures high performance and the right amount of riding pleasure. Thanks to app compatibility, Bluetooth & an on-board computer with LCD colour display, you can keep track of speed, distance, battery & modes through the free smartphone cradle. The BXB55 is built with high quality components such as Shimano gears, Tektro disc brakes, Selle Royal saddle with extra suspension & leather grips. The perfect comfort. A stable mountain bike frame, the removable battery, the smart LCD color display with level, battery, distance and calorie display.

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